Tile Grout OEM Custom Various Colors Available

Short Description:

Model No.: OEM tile grout

Type: Custom

Height: 223mm

Width: 88mm

Feature: Imported raw materials, Nanotechnology, Universal for wall and floor, Long-lasting stain resistance, Waterproof, Mildew-proof

Product Detail

Product Tags

Dongchun OEM tile grout is refined by using the most advanced German technology and using a variety of high molecular nano-polymers and high-grade pigments. It can be perfectly filled into the gap between the tiles to form a clean surface as smooth as porcelain, with super wear-resistant, waterproof, oil-proof, easy-to-clean and other characteristics. The light can be restored by wiping it lightly, which completely solves the problem of dirty, dark and difficult to clean tile gaps, and the colors are bright and rich, with a strong decorative effect.

Scope of Application

Gap decoration for ceramic tile, mosaic, stone, wood, glass, aluminum-plastic panel and other materials.


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