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  • What is the cost-effectiveness of various waterproof materials?

    What is the cost-effectiveness of various waterproof materials?

    All kinds of waterproof coatings sold on the purchase of waterproof materials, as long as the products that meet the national standards, should be able to do waterproof home improvement. These paints have their own advantages, and you can choose to buy them according to your needs. Polyurethane w...
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  • Waterproof paint application steps

    Waterproof paint application steps

    Ⅰ. In addition to the quality of the tile adhesive and waterproof coating, what to brush is also an important factor and an important means of construction technology. The choice of tools is good or bad, and the use of them may affect the effect of painting. Today, I will introduce to you, how to...
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  • Types of tile trims

    Types of tile trims

    There are three types of tile trims on the market: PVC, aluminum alloy and stainless steel according to the material. PVC tile trims PVC series tile trims: (PVC material is a kind of plastic decorative material, which is the abbreviation of polyviny...
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