What is the cost-effectiveness of various waterproof materials?

All kinds of waterproof coatings sold on the purchase of waterproof materials, as long as the products that meet the national standards, should be able to do waterproof home improvement. These paints have their own advantages, and you can choose to buy them according to your needs. Polyurethane waterproof coating has very good elasticity and ductility. In terms of film quality, it has the most outstanding comprehensive performance among all kinds of coatings, but the construction period is long and the price is relatively expensive. It is worth noting that most of the off-brand products on the market are not pure polyurethane, and the environmental performance is not very good. Acrylic waterproof coating is easy to construct, environmentally friendly, has good film-forming performance, and the price is moderate. Generally, household waterproofing will choose this coating; JS is a waterproof coating that combines rigidity and flexibility, which is easy to construct, environmentally friendly and non-toxic, and is also a good choice; waterproof Mortar coating, with high film strength, good bonding with basics, can be directly attached to tiles, economical and practical. However, because it is a rigid waterproof material, it is not suitable for possible settlement of new house decoration.

Generally speaking, among various coatings, acrylic and JS coatings with better performance and better cost-effectiveness, and mortar coatings are economical and practical.

1. What are the main considerations for materials?

Waterproof performance, followed by environmental performance. Waterproofing is a concealed project. If you choose to waterproof finished bricks, if you choose toxic materials, it will be like burying a “gas bomb” at home. And it is very difficult to replace, so the environmental protection of materials is also a very important aspect of material procurement.

2. How to judge the quality of waterproof materials?

Three aspects are mainly considered when judging waterproof materials: (1) The coating should not be precipitated, delaminated or agglomerated; (2) There is no strong pungent odor; (3) Whether the construction is convenient.


Post time: Jun-06-2022