what is the tile trims used for?

The tile trim is easy to install, and the cost is not high. It can protect the tiles and reduce the collision of right and convex angles, so it is very popular among people. It is a type of decorative strip used in the construction of right angles, convex angles and corner wrapping of tiles. The bottom plate is used as the bottom surface, and a right-angle fan-shaped arc surface is formed on one side. The common tile trims in the market are PVC, aluminum alloy and other materials. Anti-skid teeth or hole patterns can be seen on the bottom plate, which can be easily combined with wall tiles.


Common materials for tile trims:

1. Stainless steel material. It has excellent moisture resistance, can resist oxidation, corrosion, and can be used for a long time. In actual use, the steel that resists corrosion is generally called stainless steel. There is a kind of stainless steel that resists chemical corrosion is called acid-resistant steel. It has excellent performance, but it is expensive and monotonous in color, so it has a general decorative effect.

stainless steel tile trims

2. PVC material. The tile trim made of this material is the most widely used, and the price is affordable, which can be bought in major building materials markets. However, its thermal stability, impact resistance, and corrosion resistance are relatively poor. Whether it is hard or soft, embrittlement problems will occur over time.


3. Aluminum alloy material. It is made of aluminum, so it has low density, high hardness and good plasticity. It can be made into various styles of profiles, and has excellent electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance. It is often used in industry. This material can be used with various tiles to make shapes, so the decorative effect is good.



There are many materials for the tile trim on the market. During the actual construction, we must choose the appropriate installation according to the actual situation of our own, so as to be able to exert its efficiency and reduce unnecessary waste.

Post time: Oct-18-2022